3 Steps to Become a Professional Football Player and Boot your way to Millions

In line with our current theme of focusing on dream jobs and awesome offices to work in, I’ve decided today to take a look at the career of a professional Footballer. Of course not everyone can become a professional football player, but I definitely think it’s worth taking a look at probably one of the most desirable career choices in the UK.

So, what does it take to become a professional footballer?

  1. Talent: Yes, god given talent is the first requirement in becoming a professional football player. You could have the greatest love for the game in the world and train 24 hours per day, but without a natural flair for the game, I’m afraid you just don’t stand much chance of becoming a professional football player.
  2. Practice: You might have talent, but if you’re really wondering how to become a professional footballer then the answer is practice. All the talent in the world could be wasted on individuals who simply don’t practice enough, or get involved in drugs and alcohol and waste the talent they’ve been born with.
  3. The ability to spend a lot of money: Once you’ve managed to crack the nod for the Premier League and have are successful in your quest to become a professional football player, then the next important skill you need is to be able to spend copious amounts of money. The AVERAGE salary for premiership footballers is a whopping £33,868 per week according to this article.  I very much doubt that the average salary of the rest of us working out of our Bristol managed office space can say we earn anything near that.

There you have it, how to become a professional football player in 3 easy steps. What are you waiting for? Get up out of your rent serviced office in London and get down to practice at Wembley Stadium before you’re too old.

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